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I still think back to my childhood. It was over 35 years ago. I figure I was around 8 years old. I recall turning over that old decayed railroad sill, and discovering an orange "lizard" curled on the ground. Fascinated by this creature, I took it home with me and began my research to identify it. It was soon that I learned the "lizard" I had caught was not a lizard, but a red eft. Today, whenever I see these amphibians scattered on a road after a warm summer rain, I think back to that very day.

My Pennsylvania home was never too far of a walk from a swamp, pond, lake or woods. Many of my findings would make it back home with me, and eventually, I was able to convince my mother to allow me to share my bedroom with some. From time to time, due to poor cage design on my part, some specimens escaped-- free to roam the entire house!

I try to look back from this very day. I cannot recall a time, other than the initial merger with my wife, that I did not live with reptiles. (At the time, I thought it would be best to ease into it slowly with her.) Although it would be soon that I'd realize the size restrictions on pets enforced by my parents were no longer in effect. In no time, I was able to convince my wife that a boa constrictor would make a cool pet. "Fluffy" would end up spending over 20 years as part of our family.

I'm now fortunate enough to have a daughter who is as equally fascinated with reptiles & amphibians as I am; giving me a better "excuse" to have a special area in our home dedicated to keeping and breeding these creatures. (The "educational" angle has generally worked well for me over the years.) It does also help to have a very tolerant wife, such as mine, who is willing to put up with a stray cricket from time to time scurrying across the floor.

Our successful breeding projects have made it possible to provide reptiles to other individuals who share our passion, or to those who want to get started. We operate on an advanced "hobbyist" level, not a large-scale production level. This allows us to give more personalized care to our animals. It also gives us the opportunity to make our reptiles available at very competitive prices.
We take great pride in what we do. Before purchasing from us, we want you to be fully aware of your new pet's requirements. We will do everything we can to get you off in the right direction. Be sure to ask us any questions you may have.

Thank you for visiting us!

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Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
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